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Getting your water in:)

Good Afternoon!

couple-with-water-bottlesIt is a necessity for our bodies, we need it to survive. However, for many of us it can be a struggle to get the necessary amount consistently and on the daily basis. We all know what I am talking about… Water! I know I am not the only one who has struggled with getting in my full gallon of water so I am here to guide and help with tips and tricks to reach your goal!

1. Choose your size — get yourself a good water bottle that works well for you. I prefer drinking from a smaller water bottle more frequently rather than filling up a larger bottle. I feel that having a larger bottle is daunting and can be challenging vs. having smaller ones makes it easier to get through them faster. Some may find the opposite and like a larger bottle and only have to drink two or three to get to your goal. Whatever works just make sure that you have a good bottle so that drinking doesn’t become a chore rather than a part of your day.

2. Reward yourself — if water is your thing, GREAT! If not then don’t be discouraged, there is hope. I like to reward myself for getting my water in, a pat on the back as they say

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