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Sunnyvale Weight Loss and Spa thrives to provide the best individual and family
rejuvenation and health. We want to inspire our patients to achieve
their goals, realize their potential, and enjoy a better quality of life.
We trust you will carry your renewed health and spirit back to your family.
Sunnyvale Weight Loss and Spa is operated and supervised by the Board Certified physicians.
This sets us apart in providing the best rejuvenation, treatment and
establishing a long relationship with you and your family.

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Welcome to The Sunnyvale Weight Loss and Spa!

Once you make the decision to enroll in our medical weight loss management clinic you’ll enjoy freedom from the burden of being overweight, not having enough stamina to make it through the day, being frequently tired, stressed out and more importantly you’ll enjoy capability without complexity.

Finally there’s a proven way to manage your weight loss and keep the pounds off for good.

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What You Can Expect From The Sunnyvale Weight Loss and Spa

Friendly customer-oriented staff dedicated to your weight loss management,

A custom-tailored nutritional plan designed to help you burn fat and curb cravings,

Weekly monitoring of your weight loss to help you reach your ideal weight,

Individualized and comprehensive care designed to help you shed pounds,

Amazing new techniques that train your body to drop fat and enjoy healthy eating,

To make you look absolutely your best - check out our full range of state of the art cosmetic services!

“The Sunnyvale Weight Loss and Spa is the only medical weight loss program in Sunnyvale supervised by the internal medicine physicians!”

The Sunnyvale Weight Loss and Spa is your premier medical weight loss and cosmetic services clinic serving all of Silicon Valley residents:

  • Sunnyvale
  • Los Altos
  • Mtn. View
  • Saratoga
  • San Jose
  • Cupertino
  • Santa Clara
  • Los Gatos

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The Sunnyvale Weight Loss

“ We are dedicated to assisting patients in their journey to achieve optimum health and wellness. Not only do we help patients lose weight, we help them to dramatically improve their quality of life. ”

– The Sunnyvale Weight Loss Medical Team

They don’t call us weight loss experts for nothing! You’ve been told for years about the benefits of losing weight and getting fit and feeling great but being told by others that you may have a problem does nothing to motivate you to change your habits and improve your way of life.

The Sunnyvale Weight Loss is a non-rushed, friendly environment where you can come at your will and go at your pace and lose all the weight you want while simultaneously learning how to curb your cravings and manage your eating habits and overall weight loss.

Some of the major benefits to your health when you discover our weight loss management program are:

Improved longevity rate - Studies show the men and women who eat healthy and maintain a healthy diet are less at risk to develop Type 2 Diabetes, suffer from strokes and avoid obese-related diseases.

Increased energy - Statistics prove time and again that healthy eating and weight loss result in an increased metabolism and the ability to recharge and go faster than before.

Lower blood pressure - Our effective weight loss management clinic will regulate and stabilize the flow of blood throughout your body essentially reducing high blood pressure and related risks.

Improved mobility - Say goodbye to being unable to run, walk or move your body at a fast pace. Medical weight loss and weight loss management is designed to help you enjoy life and move around better.

Breathe easier - Studies show that effective weight loss, healthy diets and on-going weight management help men and women breathe easier.

The benefits of a medical weight loss management clinic are endless.

You’ll enjoy life much better with a transformed body and lifestyle when you discover our new weight management program. Discover the difference between this and other programs, request your free consultation now!